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Online Programs: 7. Reflection

Information Literacy - It's a life long learning process!

The process of becoming information literate is lifelong.  Information and the technology that helps us locate and work with information are complex and changing rapidly.   Knowing when to look for information, how to find what you need, and  how to critically evaluate what you have found so that you in turn can create your own ethically-cited presentation is a gradual, build-as-you-go process.

Information literacy is so essential to the success of individuals, businesses and organizations, and even entire countries that the United Nations and other international bodies support it as a key piece for economic development.

 Info Lit Skills

                             Information Literacy Umbrella via Dana Longley on Flickr(CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

 (5 min.) What to do?  Reflect:

  • How information literate are you?
  • Which "dimension of inquiry" (information literacy skill set) is your strongest so far?
  • Which "dimension of inquiry" includes skills that you need to acquire or develop?                                                                                                                                    


Congratulations!  You have worked through the various content and interactive activities in the Information Literacy Libguide presented by Watson Library in collaboration with your EN101 faculty member.  

What to do: Remember to turn in your completed worksheet set and the Plagiarism Quiz results page to your EN101 faculty member within the week after your library tour.

We invite you to stop by Watson Library to use the study areas, computer labs, information resources, and services.  We look forward to consulting with you as you work on course projects throughout your Wilmington College years!

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