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Here, you will find a curated listing of works produced by our esteemed college board members, faculty, and students. As a leading institution of higher education, our faculty members are committed to advancing knowledge and driving innovation in their respective fields.

We take pride in the high quality research and academic contributions of our faculty members and believe that sharing their works with the wider community is essential to promoting intellectual growth and development.

Our publication webpage showcases a diverse range of research topics and methodologies, spanning across disciplines such as social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, and more.

We hope that this page serves as a valuable resource for scholars, researchers, students, and anyone interested in learning more about the  academic research history of Wilmington College.

As a general note to all potential Wilmington Affiliated Authors, if your work is not listed here or if you would like to donate a new title to our collection, please let us know by sending a message via the "Ask Us" button on the left side of this page.

College Board Authors

Stenitz, Lucy 

Baobabs & Camelthorns: thirteen years in Namibia, (1997-2010), Lucy Steinitz and Bernd Kiekebusch, with Mary Konopka, 2018

Singing to the lions: A facilitator's guide to overcoming fear and violence in our lives, by Jonathan Brakarsh with Lucy Steinitz, 2017

Student Authors

Hellman, Amber

Science of fantasy, 2012

Lawson-Myers, John

“Daily moments of solace” in Spirit rising: young Quaker voices, edited by Angelina Conti [and others], 2010

Faculty Publications

Anliot, Sture Fredrik

The vascular flora of Glen Helen, Clifton Gorge, and John Bryan State Park, 1973.

Cockerill, Coreen Henry

“The impact of information on the adoption of soil and water conservation practices at the farm-level” in Human dimensions of soil and water conservation : a global perspective, Ted L. Napier, editor, 2010.

with T. Napier, R. Minardi, and D. Davidson. “Eight Decades of USDA Soil and Water Conservation Policies and Programs” in Rui Li, T.L. Napier, S. El-Swaify., M. Sabir, and E. Rienzi (Eds.), Degradation of Soil and Water Resources: Regional Strategies for Assessing and Addressing a Lingering Global Issue, 2021

“Ensuring food security” in Snarr, M.T. and Snarr, D.N. (Eds.), Introducing Global Issues, 7th Ed. (Ch. 8), 2021

“Ensuring food security” in Snarr, M.T. and Snarr, D.N. (Eds.), Introducing Global Issues, 6th Ed. (Ch. 8), 2016.

with Napier, T.L., Factors affecting adoption of soil and water conservation systems in lesser-scale societies in R. Lal and B.A. Stewart (Eds.), Soil management of small holder agriculture (349-383), 2015.

Conklin, Alfred R., Jr. (Alfred Russel)

From Peace Corps to Fulbright: a success story : travels with Al part 1, by Alfred R. Conklin, Jr. Ph.D., 2015.

Field sampling: principles and practices in environmental analysis, Alfred R. Conklin, Jr. with Rolf Meinholtz, 2004.

World food: production and use, Alfred R. Conklin, Jr., Thomas Stilwell. 2007.

Earls, Denvis O.

Church belles: A ministry for Confederate Christian women 1861-1865, 2005.

Daughters of God: Southern Baptist women in the pulpit: heresy vs. the call to preach, 2006.

Fendall, Lon

Stand alone or come home: Mark Hatfield as an evangelical and a progressive; [foreword by Jim Wallis],2008.

with Niyonzima, David.

Unlocking horns: Forgiveness and reconciliation in Burundi, by David Niyonzima and Lon Fendall ; [foreword by David P. Rawson ; drawings on cover and inside pages by Debbie Ellingsworth], 2001.

Fontaine, Christopher

Carnsbury Abbey, 2002.

Gara, Larry

The presidency of Franklin Pierce, 1991.

War resistance in historical perspective, [between 1977 and 1982].


A few small candles : war resisters of World War II tell their stories, 1999

The Baby Dodds story: as told to Larry Gara, 1959, 1992

The liberty line: the legend of the underground railroad, 1961, 1996.

The narrative of William W. Brown, a fugitive slave, William W. Brown; introduction by Larry Gara, 2003.

A short history of Wisconsin, 1962.

Westernized yankee; the story of Cyrus Woodman, 1956.

Giesbrecht, Martin Gerhard.

Before I forget: stories and thoughts of a clarinet playing academic, 2013.

Hardie, Clifford.

Autumn in Ohio, 1992.

The last summer of Robert Frost, 2007.

Shadows, 2009.

Voices, 1987.

Voices from the heartland, 1997.

Haskins, Elizabeth (Composer)

My garden: for soprano and orchestra, Elizabeth Haskins; orchestrated by Robert J. Haskins, 2004.

Hinshaw, Robert E.

Living with nature's extremes: The life of Gilbert Fowler White, 2006.

The Rape of Hope: An historical novel, 2008.

Jay, John Edwin,

Tell me, my quest, 1953.

Narratives of my years at Wilmington College, 1915-1927, 1951 Johns, David L., editor.

Creasey, Maurice A.

Essay Selections:

Collected essays of Maurice Creasey, 1912-2004 : the social thought of a Quaker thinker, edited, with an introduction by David L. Johns ; with a foreword by John Punshon, 2011.

Leppert-Wahl, Marlaina A.

Pacifist activists: Christian peacemakers in Palestine 1995-2014, 2014.

Marcuson, Lewis R.

A century of theatre at Wilmington College: a nostalgic history and a scrapbook, 2003.

The Irish, the Italians, and the Jews: a study of three nationality groups as portrayed in American drama between 1920 and 1960, 1966.

McNelis, James

“Teaching the critical debate over The Lord of the Rings” in Approaches to teaching Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings and other works, edited by Leslie A. Donovan, 2015.

Moke, Paul

Earl Warren and the struggle for justice, 2015.

Neman, Beth

Teaching students to write, 1995.

Teaching students to write, 1980.

Writing effectively, Beth S. Neman, 1989.

Writing effectively, 1983.

Writing effectively in business, Beth S. Neman, Sandra Smythe, 1992.

Olmsted, Sterling P. 


John Woolman: a nonviolence and social change source book, 2013.

Potthoff, Stephen.

“Dreaming transformation: Experiences teaching dreams and world mythology in the college classroom” in Weaving dreams into the classroom: practical ideas for teaching about dreams and dreaming at every grade level, including adult education, edited by Curtiss Hoffman and Jacqueline E. Lewis, 2013.

Reynolds, John W.

Nomenclatura oligochaetologica: a catalogue of names, descriptions and type specimens of the oligochaeta, John W. Reynolds and David G. Cook, 1976.

Roma, Catherine

“Build a great arch of unimagined bridges: Programming to make connections” in The choral director's cookbook: insights and inspired recipes for beginners and experts, 2006.

Continuum: the first songbook of Sweet Honey in the Rock, compiled and edited by Ysaye M. Barnwell with Sweet Honey in the Rock; transcriptions by J. David Moore and Catherine Roma, 1999.     

Snarr, Michael T. and D. Neil Snarr


Introducing global issues, 2002.

Introducing global issues, 2005.

Snowden, Brian

A delicate imbalance, 2008.

Stilwell, Thomas

World food: production and use, Alfred R. Conklin, Jr., Thomas Stilwell, 2007.

Stovall, Steven Austin

Cases in human resource management / Steven Austin Stovall, 2006.


Proceedings.: 21st Century Management Conference (2008 : Wilmington, Ohio)

Proceedings.: 21st Century Management Conference (2010 : Wilmington, Ohio)

Thatcher, Oliver J. (Oliver Joseph), 1857-1937.

A source book for mediaeval history; selected documents illustrating the history of Europe in the Middle Age, 1905

Tillson, William

Walden invaded, 1965.

Watson, Sheppard Arthur, 1894-1986

Our life together: the life story of Sheppard Arthur Watson and Florence Potter Watson, [1975]

Wilkinson, Marta L.

Antigone's daughters: gender, family, and expression in the modern novel, Marta L. Wilkinson, 2008.


Girardin, Emile de, Mme, 1804-1855,

Canne de M. de Balzac. English

Balzac's cane / Delphine de Girardin ; translated with an introduction by Marta L. Wilkinson, [2017]

Williams, Christian

Winesburg, again, 2009.

Yefru, Wosene

The Nile Valley civilization: a historiographical commentary on ancient Africa: A thematic college handbook for Africana Studies, 2016.

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