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English: EN101 Library Orientation: Oxford English Dictionary and Nexis Uni

The OED: Oxford English Dictionary

One of your assignments for Tom's ENG101 sections requires you to use the Oxford English Dictionary, or OED.  There are two ways to search the OED, print and online.   The most current version of the OED is the online version, which is one of the OhioLINK databases.  Both the link to the online OED and the call number information for the print version are listed below.

What to do?  Go to  the Oxford English Dictionary website below.    Read the entry for today's "Word of the Day," then follow the directions on your EN101 worksheet for Tab 5A.

WHY?   Literate college students know about and use the OED, which is the definitive dictionary of the English language.

Word of the Day from the Oxford English Dictionary

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Finding Law Cases and Legal Research

What to do?  Review the links and their descriptions below.   Then answer the questions on your EN101 Worksheet for Tab 5A, Part II.   

Searching Nexis Uni - Finding Legal Cases by Docket Number and Citation

In Nexis Uni, choose Advanced Search below the All Nexis Uni search box, then Select a specific content type: Cases.  In Advanced Search with content type Cases, this search string:

 NUMBER (00-000)

will bring up the case associated with that docket number.  Example of a docket number: NUMBER (09-751)    

To retrieve a legal case by citation,  enter the citation in All Nexis Uni (main search box).   

Example:   384 U.S. 436   retrieves Miranda v. Arizona



Finding Editorials in Nexis Uni 

1. In  Nexis Uni choose ADVANCED SEARCH below the All Nexis Uni search box.  

2. In Advanced Search, choose your search terms, then precede them with SECTION(editorial). Use AND  to connect your terms.

                   Here's an example:

SECTION(editorial) AND gun control AND heller




Nexis Uni articles are always in fulltext -- just click on article title.



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